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At 8:30 a.m., the entertainment world turned into one collective owl.

Why, you may be asking? Because the cast of Dancing With the Stars Season 18 was revealed on Good Morning America, prompting a whole lot of "Who?" to be said over and over again. It's safe to say ABC has assembled more recognizable casts in the past, but could season 18's crop of celebs be the series' weakest yet?

We pulled together a focus group composed of five people (of various sexes, occupations, ages, etc.) in an attempt to answer that very question. On our esteemed panel we have a DWTS superfan who votes every week, a foreign businessman, a four year old, a law student and an entertainment reporter. Here are their immediate reactions:

Billy Dee Williams
DWTS Superfan: Star Wars!
Foreign Businessman: Miley Cyrus' father?
4 Year Old: He lives at my friend Parker's house.
Entertainment Reporter: Lando Calrissian.
Law Student: Miley's dad? Just kidding, who?

Amy Purdy
DWTS Superfan: I don't know who she is.
Foreign Businessman: Who?
4 Year Old: From Sesame Street?
Entertainment Reporter: Oh, is she a Disney star?
Law Student: Good for her.

Candace Cameron Bure

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Candace Cameron Bure
DWTS Superfan: She's from Full House, right?! Kirk Cameron's sister, right?! I don't know, Christian?
Foreign Businessman: I have no idea.
4 Year Old: A librarian. Who eats books.
Entertainment Reporter: DJ Tanner!  She's not the one on meth, right?
Law Student: Hasn't DJ already been on this show?

Charlie White
DWTS Superfan: I don't know who he is.
Foreign Businessman: No clue.
4 Year Old: Oh, I know this one! He's a turtle.
Entertainment Reporter: Shaun White's brother?
Law Student: He might be fun to watch. If he can dance on ice he shouldn't be a total mess.

Cody Simpson
DWTS Superfan: Isn't he one of those twins? I thought he was one of those twins on that stupid show with the blond hair?! (Editor's note: She was thinking of the Sprouse twins.)
Foreign Businessman: Sports person? OJ's son?
4 Year Old : He drives a school bus, doesn't he?
Entertainment Reporter: Justin Bieber wannabe that never really happened?
Law Student: 17? Ew. I cheated and looked him up. When I do tune in, it's for fainting middle-aged women. Not him.

Danica McKellar
DWTS Superfan: Oh jeez, I know who she is. I don't have any expectations of her.
Foreign Businessman: That's not the car racer, is she?
4 Year Old: She gives people Christmas trees at Christmas. (2 year old interjects that Santa does that and a wild fight ensues.)
Entertainment Reporter: Winnie Cooper! She was the one in the Avril Lavigne music video?
Law Student: Winnie, yesssss.

Drew Carey, The Price Is Right

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Diana Nyad
DWTS Superfan: I have no idea.
Foreign Businessman: Nope.
4 Year Old: [silence]
Entertainment Reporter: Who?
Law Student: Meh. Is she the first lesbian on the show? She's a lesbian, right?

Drew Carey
DWTS Superfan: Oh, he's funny!
Foreign Businessman: That one I know. Wait a minute. Who's Drew Carey again? That's not the guy who did Price Is Right is it? It's the guy who did Dumb and Dumber. I think he's not a good dancer but he will be entertaining.
4 Year Old: He's in my class! He has curly hair that is yellow.
Entertainment Reporter: Cleveland rocks!
Law Student: Gross.

James Maslow
DWTS Superfan: Who? I have no idea. They're like scrapping the bottom of the barrel. I guess they really can't get anybody to do it.
Foreign Businessman: I don't know who that is.
4 Year Old: From the Tarzan movie! Tarzan rescues her!
Entertainment Reporter: That's not the guy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is it? (Editor's note: That would be James Marsters. How dare you?!)
Law Student: Something to look at, I suppose.

Meryl Davis
DWTS Superfan: Who?
Foreign Businessman:  No idea, probably like a sportsperson.
4 Year Old: She cuts down plants ‘cause they are too high. She has long hair and two ponytails that are up like that and she only has three fingers like the Minions.
Entertainment Reporter: Not Meryl Streep.
Law Student: Won't she be jealous of Charlie?

NeNe Leakes

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

NeNe Leakes
DWTS Superfan: Isn't she a Housewife? I don't think anything about her. She does nothing for me. She's a little over the top.
Foreign Businessman: I don't know her.
4 Year Old: She lives on a farm where they cut weed down and give it to people.
Entertainment Reporter: "I'm very rich, bitch!"
Law Student: I. Can't. Wait.

Sean Avery
DWTS Superfan: Oh, the Bachelor?! Why are you laughing? Is it a girl?
Foreign Businessman: No idea. The guy from Jackass?
4 Year Old: Sean Avery is a reindeer. A baby reindeer like they have in Brazil.
Entertainment Reporter: Bachelor?
Law Student: Who?

Dancing With the Stars premieres Monday, March 17 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

PHOTOS:  Not sure who some of these celebs are either? Get to know the new DWTS cast with our gallery!

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