Python vs Crocodile, Snake

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If you're eating lunch or breakfast right now, you might want to put it down before you read this story. Seriously. Don't say we didn't warn you if you lose your appetite because we literally just warned you.

So meanwhile, in Australia, a 10-foot water python was caught on camera battling a crocodile for five hours, which is essentially a Syfy movie (and our worst nightmares) come to life.

After the snake successfully choked the croc to death, it did what snakes do best. It unhinged its jaw and spent the next 15 minutes swallowing it whole.

"It was amazing," Tiffany Corlis, who witnessed the epic battle, told the BBC. "It would roll the crocodile around to get a better grip, and coil its body around the crocodile's legs to hold it tight. After the crocodile had died, the snake uncoiled itself, came around to the front, and started to eat the crocodile, face-first."

What Tiffany calls "amazing," we call "a nightmarish hellscape." But nature is pretty cool, we guess. Just keep that kind of nature away from us.

You can watch the video below, if your stomach can handle it. Like we said, it is kind of neat to watch the snake bitch slap the crocodile:

If Syfy is inspired by this enough to make a TV movie, and they'll have to be because they need something else after the future Oscar and Emmy-winning Sharknado 2, then it would join a long and illustrious list of snake and/or crocodile-themed films that Syfy has already produced, such as:

Dinocroc vs. Supergator
Anaconda 3: Offspring
Anacondas: Trail of Blood
Fire Serpent
Komodo vs. Cobra
Lake Placid 2
Lake Placid 3
Lake Placid: The Final Chapter
Mega Python vs. Gatoroid
Mega Snake
Sand Serpents

So, we guess this new film would be Mega Python vs. Gatoroid 2: The Swallowing? There's your title, Syfy. You are welcome.

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