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OK, be honest: was anyone else hoping for a little bit more drama to go down at The Bachelor: Women Tell All special on Monday night? Sure, many of the ladies ganged up on Juan Pablo Galavis, calling the Bachelor out for his behavior on the show and his anti-gay comments, as well as accusing him of not taking his time on the ABC reality hit seriously.  But it always felt like a segment ended or host Chris Harrison cut to commercial break just as things were getting really juicy.

And guess what? The actual taping of the Women Tell All was a lot more explosive than what ABC decided to air, which was basically like watching Wedding Crashers on TBS, still entertaining, but it's been stripped of its best parts.

Here's a rundown of what we witnessed at the taping that you didn't see on TV...

1. The most edited segment? When Kelly called Juan Pablo out for his anti-gay remarks, particularly his use of the word "pervert." It was way more heated than what was televised, with Kelly and Juan Pablo fighting over what he said. Finally, Harrison promised Kelly that she would get to talk to Juan Pablo, as he had said during their conversation, after the taping finished.

2.  In between segments, we overheard one of the ladies (not naming names!) complaining to another that she ripped her spanx.

3. The Juan Pablo sitdown got a little more heated than what we shown on TV, as he was called "narcissistic" and "not genuine" by some of the ladies.

4.  Prior to coming out and facing the ladies, Juan Pablo did not watch the women film their chats with Chris Harrison. So yeah, he had no idea they were basically having an "I Hate Juan Pablo" meeting before he crashed.

THE BACHELOR, The Women Tell All

ABC/Rick Rowell

5. Molly the dog? Not a Juan Pablo fan! While Kelly was nervous that her cute furry friend would have a negative reaction to seeing the Bachelor again, she made a constant point of saying Molly loves Chris Harrison. 

6. Sharleen came off pretty cool, calm and collected, right? Well, she was a bit more frazzled during filming, with Harrison telling her to relax more than once. She also got a little freaked when the air conditioning in the studio turned on. (Maybe she was nervous about seeing JP again?!)

7. A line from Andi that didn't make it? She said that Juan Pablo wanted to be "the best El Bachelor in history."

8. Harrison called Renee the "house mom" a few times as all of the girls confided in her during filming. She and Cassandra also shared a sweet moment after the other women claimed Juan Pablo favored them. They hugged after Cassandra said she loved Renee and would always have her back. Aw!

9. After the taping ended, Juan Pablo said hello to each and every lady and kissed them on the cheek. There was no animosity between anyone and a funny moment went down when Kylie reintroduced herself jokingly, saying, "Hi, I'm Kylie!"  For those with short-term Bachelor memory, she was the one who thought he said her name on the first night when he actually said Kat. Nice to see she has a sense of humor about it!

The Bachelor finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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