Oh, Miranda Kerr, you tease!

The supermodel flaunted her sexy figure in what may be Reebok's sexiest ad ever for the shoe company's Skyscape commercial. No, she didn't parade her naked body in front of the camera while only wearing her tennis shoes—but close!

Instead, Kerr illustrated what happens after she gets home from a workout, by stripping down to her birthday suit as she gets ready to shower.

But, as is the case with many things, it's the journey, not the destination, that had us hooked.

Miranda Kerr, Reebok


Kerr walks in to "her" apartment (we're guessing it's not her actual place) after working on her fitness and turns on some music.

Then, as she walks through her home, takes off one single piece of clothing at a time. First the top comes off, displaying the celeb's toned abs. Then the yoga pants hit the floor. Then her sports bra comes off—gasp!—until we're staring at Miranda's backside in a black thong.

But those come off, too.

So there's Miranda. Naked. In the shower. Until she realizes she forgot to take off her Reebok Skyscapes because they're "so comfortable, you forget you have them on."

Now, that is some genius marketing.

Miranda Kerr, Reebok


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