A group of angry James Bond fans have elected to just say no to Daniel Craig.

The 007 diehards have launched the Website CraigNotBond.com to protest the selection of the first blond Bond, who will make his debut in the role of the iconic spy in the upcoming Casino Royale.

According to the site's founders, EON Productions made a poor and aesthetically displeasing decision when they chose Craig to take over Pierce Brosnan's license to kill.

"How can a short, blond actor with the rough face of a professional boxer and a penchant for playing killers, cranks, cads and gigolos pull off the role of a tall, dark, handsome and suave secret agent?" the site asks.

The anti-Craig activists have vowed to boycott Casino Royale and any subsequent films starring the "unknown and unattractive" actor as Bond and have created a petition for like-minded individuals to forward on to higher-ups at Sony Pictures and MGM.

"As a result of my overall unhappiness with your plans for James Bond, a film character I have enjoyed for some years now, I must inform you that I plan to boycott the new film Casino Royale and any subsequent Bond film featuring the dour-looking Mr. Craig," the petition states in part. "Furthermore, nothing you could do, short of immediately replacing Craig can change my mind."

The Internet campaign against Craig is a little late in getting off the ground, considering he was officially awarded the role in October and shooting on Casino Royale commenced in Prague last month.

However, the actor's detractors are firm in their conviction that the powers that be will heed their boycott warnings and restore Brosnan, their Bond man of choice, to the franchise.

"The movie business lives and dies on the patronage of its customers, the moviegoing public," the site states. "And, as the old saying goes, the customer is always right!"

While the discovery that he's not exactly a fan favorite may have come as a blow to Craig's ego, it likely stung less than the blow that actually connected with his face over the weekend.

The actor lost his two front teeth after he was accidentally punched in the mouth while filming a fight scene, London's Sunday Mirror reported.

His injuries were severe enough that his dentist was flown to Prague from London to perform emergency surgery, and Craig will now have to wear special mouth protection while filming stunt scenes.

The incident drew sympathy from Brosnan, who told reporters that he was injured numerous times while playing the martini-swilling spy.

"I got stitched up and sewn up a few times, it just didn't get in the papers," he said at the U.K. premiere of his latest film, The Matador. "I had my face sliced open by a stuntman. I had a knee injury.

"You get twisted some way or another if you throw yourself into it. There's going to be mishaps."

Brosnan also expressed his support for Craig, stating that he thought the naysayers would eventually be proven wrong about his successor.

"I think Daniel is a very fine actor," he said. "These are rocky waters, and they're going to get him one way or another, but I think he will have the last laugh at the end of it."

Brosnan's not the only former Bond to stand up for Craig. Roger Moore also has the latest 007's back, pointing out that critics have yet to see Craig in the role.

"He's a helluva good actor," Moore, the star of seven Bond films, told reporters. "So why attack him?"

And back in December, Craig received a ringing endorsement from the original--and perhaps greatest 007--Sean Connery, who told the BBC that Craig was "a terrific choice...a completely new departure."

Last week, the film's producers finally cast French actress Eva Green as Bond girl Vesper Lynd and Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen as the villainous le Chiffre, after months of searching for the ideal foils to Craig's Bond.

Casino Royale is slated to be released worldwide on Nov. 17.

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