Rachael Ray, Michelle Obama


We can probably all agree that seeing Michelle Obama on Jimmy Fallon's "Ew!" sketch with Will Ferrell was one of the best things ever. Right? Right.

Along with bringing the funny, FLOTUS just seemed like such a natural when it came to ew-ing things, and that's because she had her fair share of saying "ew" to some specific dinner options when she was younger.

Like what, you ask? "Brussel sprouts. Uh, liver," Obama began to tell Rachael Ray (airing March 5). "Liver was a dark day in our household. It was dark…We were angry."

Liver: Ew! Unless you actually enjoy eating liver—like Ray, who said she "grooved on liver"— then it would be—liver: cuuuuuute. Wait. That didn't work.

Anyway, the topic took a happier turn when Obama was asked a Twitter fan question about what her current favorite workout song is.

"Oh, I love Pharrell's 'Happy,' " FLOTUS said. "It's just such a happy song. I mean, it literally makes you happy." (Right?! Who can resist jumping up and doing a little dance to that beat?)

Speaking of working out, the first lady admitted that her daughters don't work out with her, but they get plenty of physical activity on their own. "You know, we're blessed to have our kids in a school system where they play sports and they have PE, and then they have activities outside of school so they, you know, are pretty much done…But we do things on vacations…We hike. All the kids are old enough now where going on hikes is a really fun family thing."

She continues, "You get to talk on those long hikes and in ways that you're not distracted. You're out in nature, you get to hear what's going on in your kids' lives, so the older they get, the more we can do that together."

Hiking with family? Super-cute!

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