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Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest, most jaw-dropping moments from Monday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show, and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

The Following: Yay, Ryan and Weston were able to save Max after she was abducted (and tortured) by some of Lily's "family." Too bad not everyone made it out of the hour alive as Lily wasn't just hellbent on seeking revenge on Ryan for Luke's death, she was secretly targeting Weston as well. In one of the brutal show's most brutal scenes yet, Lily recorded the surviving psycho twin, Mark, slitting Weston's father's throat, which our favorite FBI agent watched helplessly before completely (and understandably) breaking down.

Bates Motel: Bradley is taking center stage in season two and we're not sure how we feel about it. After the four month time-jump, we learn that Bradley has been "seeking" (aka is being foreced to)  treatment after trying to kill herself. Our golden girl is going dark! But she's still obsessed with her father's secrets and death and is desperate to unearth his killer, no matter the cost.

Taking on a Lolita vibe, Bradley ends the hour seducing Gil, her father's former employee and Dylan's boss, only to blow his brains out. (With a gun, you pervs.) And who should she turn to for help in covering up her crime but Norman Bates!

Oh, and the "B" Bradley's father was having an affair with? Miss Watson, Norman's dearly departed teacher he may or may not have killed, who was also dating Gil. Welcome back, Bates fans!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Cristin Milioti

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How I Met Your Mother: Oh no, that theory we were hoping we were totally wrong about looks like it might actually be true. Never has being right felt this crappy!

Tonight's sentimental outing definitely hinted at the Mother dying as we got to see Ted and the Mother spent some time sans kids at the Inn in 2024, where they shared stories. Clue No. 1 that the Mother is fatally ill? This line: "You're the love of my life, pooh bear. I just worry about you. I don't want you to be the guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward." Clue No. 2? When the gang realizes that Barney and Robin's wedding might be the last time the gang is all together, Ted makes an emotional speech, but it's up to the Mother to finish that "it's best to leave it unspoken and enjoy each other's company."

The episode also (finally!) introduced us to Robin's mother, amazingly played by Tracy Ullman. Appearing right before Robin's wedding, the Mother isn't surprised by Robin's mama showing up, asking, "What mother is going to miss her daughter's wedding?" Clue No. 3: This line caused Ted to start crying.

Yeah, this is going to hurt like a mother.

Arden Cho, Teen Wolf


Teen Wolf: Tonight's episode was all about backstory, mostly taking place in a Japanese internment camp in 1943, when Kira's mom apparently looked exactly like Kira and was alive. Turns out, she's a 900 year-old kitsune and it was she who called up the nogitsune to save herself and her American soldier boyfriend's burned body from getting even more burned. While the nogitsune was supposed to possess her, it instead went into the body of her boyfriend. She  then had to pull a Buffy and stab her beloved with a special katana in order to exorcise the demon, which she then trapped in a jar, in the roots of the nemeton, to be awakened 70 years later by the sacrifice of three teenagers desperate to save their parents. Oops!

(Side note: Arden Cho should exist in 1943 forever, because those were some freakin' gorgeous flashbacks!) 

Castle: Well, that was one intense episode. Beckett went on what she thought was a fairly routine undercover operation for the narcotics department and found herself kidnapped and on an audition to prove her skills as an assassin for a high-level drug ring. Just after she discovered that the drug ring was more of an elaborate money-laundering scheme, her cover was blown when she encountered Vulcan Simmonsthe seriously evil drug kingpin at the center of her mother's ongoing murder casewho immediately recognized her. She was tortured and dragged to the woods to be killed, only to be saved by the very assassin she was impersonating, who tells her that the mysterious "Lazarus" wants her alive, because he owes hersimilarly to how a certain senator Bracken owes her his life. Beckett made it safely back to Castle by the end of the episode, but it was clear that this case is far from over.   

Line of the Night: "Welcome to the world, ladies! There are axe murderers and whores stuffed under every rug, so your kids better educate themselves!" Oh, how we missed your crazy, Norma Bates!

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