Those Who Kill


Step aside, Matthew McCounaughey—there's a new crime-solving badass who is ready to solve some of TV's most gruesome murders. Chloe Sevigny's new crime-thriller, Those Who Kill, premieres on A&E Monday night, and you'd better brace yourself because it's one of the most twisted and horrifying hours of television that we've ever witnessed.

Fans know and love Sevigny as the edgy actress who can master any role, from an uptight sister wife on Big Love, to a sex-crazed metal patient on American Horror Story: Asylum, to Danny's hilariously insane ex on The Mindy Project. Now the Golden Globe winning actress is embracing her newest multi-faceted character: Pittsburgh's most unrelenting homicide detective Catherine Jensen.  

To help prepare you for the grisly, no-holds-barred premiere, we've gathered up five things you need to know before tuning in to tonight's debut hour of Those Who Kill. However, we want to warn you of a few things now: If you're afraid of spiders, you'll definitely want to cover your eyes in the opening credits. And if you're at all squeamish, this is going to be one difficult drama for you to endure.

1. Sevigny's character, Catherine Jensen, has an extremely dark and emotionally disturbing past. "When she was a child, her brother was abused and she was also abused," she explains. "Then her brother was killed by her stepfather, who is a judge, a very respected member of society. After that she kind of shut down and then decided to join the police force as like a tool to help her take him down. And that doesn't necessarily always work out for her, so she goes outside the box sometimes."

2. Joining Catherine on many of her murder investigations is Thomas Schaffer, (James D'Arcy) a forensic psychologist who has a tumultuous past with the police. While Catherine usually connects on an emotional level with the victim, Thomas identifies with the killer, making their relationship extremely toxic at times.

3. Catherine, like True Detective's Rust (McConaughey), is driven by an incessant need to solve the case, no matter how dangerous the circumstances. Sevingy explains, "She can't rest until there is justice for what happened to her brother. She can't function in any relationships. She has some tenderness with her mother, but other than that, she can't really function as a human."

4. Following the newest TV trend, Those Who Kill is an adaptation from a Danish television series Den som dræber. However, unlike other Scandinavian imports like The Killing and The Bridge, this A&E thriller is already on track to surpass its original with its star-studded cast and FCC-pushing content.

5. Tonight's premiere, like many of this season's episodes, will feature a case that is so stomach-churning, you would think that you were watching an NC-17-rated film at times. We're serious, if you thought  American Horror Story's first two season were scary, then you will, without a doubt, go to bed with nightmares tonight. You have been warned...

Those Who Kill premieres Monday at 10 p.m. on A&E.

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