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Ellen DeGeneres promised the celebs at the 2014 Oscars that she would order a pizza for them, and she definitely delivered.

Well, actually a delivery guy delivered the pizza, but you get the point.

After releasing the best selfie ever onto the world (and breaking Twitter in the process), Ellen dragged a pizza delivery guy from backstage to hand out pizzas to a crowd full of A-listers. And let's not forget the billions of people watching the show from home.

I lied. We weren't going backstage," Ellen said to the slightly terrified pizza delivery guy while she led him into the seats. We have to applaud him though, because he handled the fact that he was delivering pizza to people like Angelina Jolie very well.

So here's what a giant celeb pizza party is like:

-12 Years a Slave star Chiwetel Ejiofor wanted an entire box.
-Brad Pitt passed out plates and napkins to the crowd, while Kevin Spacey took pizza to hand out in the cheaper seats.
-Julia Roberts shouted that she wanted cheese.
-Meryl Streep is wearing a white dress, but she did not care about stains. She wanted pizza and damn it, she was going to eat pizza. And that's why she's the best human.
-Jennifer Lawrence definitely got her hands on a slice, because duh. Girl loves her food.
-Ellen reminded the pizza guy that Kerry Washington is pregnant and that "she needs some." You all did see how fast the Scandal star's hand shot up when Ellen first asked if anyone wanted pizza, right?
-Leonardo DiCaprio declined the pizza, but that was probably because his stomach was in knots while he awaits his category.
-Jared Leto took a slice, but insisted to the camera that it was for his mom.
-Harrison Ford is way too seasoned to care about looking cool, eating oncamera and/or spilling, so he made sure to get some pizza.

When it came time for a tip, Ellen called out Sandra Bullock to pony up, but she didn't have any money on her. So obviously it was someone else's responsibility to take out their wallet.

"Where's Harvey Weinstein?" Ellen asked the crowd. When she located him, she reminded him that there was "only a billion people watching" so give "whatever you think is right" for a tip.

Hopefully he was very generous. He can afford it.

So now you know what it's like to go to a celeb pizza party. Cross that item off your bucket list!

And in case you are wondering where they ordered pizza from, it was Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria. So if you want to eat the same pizza that the likes of Harrison Ford and Jennifer Lawrence put in their mouth, you can order it here!

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