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Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest, most jaw-dropping moments from Sunday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show, and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

The Walking Dead: Damn, this zombie-filled, post-apocalyptic world is pretty freakin' stressful, we need a drink. That sentence right there is pretty much sums up tonight's slow-crawl of an episode. "Still" focused on the not-so-dynamic duo of Daryl and Beth as they went on a quest through a country club, filled with previously rich walkers, in hopes of finding any kind of happy hour. (Fun-Fact, Beth had never had any alcoholic beverage before so we don't blame her for wanting to take a little bit of the edge off.)

The two eventually found a couple jars of moonshine and they started to play a game of "I never" and yes—it was just as awkward and random as it sounds. However, we did discover that Daryl has never been out of Georgia, or on a vacation, he's never had frozen yogurt and he's never received a gift from Santa Claus. In the end, Daryl and Beth's confessions brought them closer together and they ignited their newfound friendship by burning a house to the ground together. 

True Detective, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson

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True DetectiveThis week's penultimate episode, "After You've Gone" brought viewers into an entirely 2012-set hour and we learned exactly what our former partners have been up to. Marty hasn't seen Maggie in two years and doesn't seem to be in touch with either of his daughters. While Rust, on the other hand, seems to have alienated everyone in his life and instead lives in a world of solitude and making drinks. However, in this hour, Marty visited Maggie in her beautiful, post-divorce home and saw that his ex-wife has everything: a new love in her life, a better financial outcome, and most importantly a sense of closeness to her kids.

Tonight also solved one of the biggest mysterious of the season: Who is the "Spaghetti Monster"? Turns out he was the lawnmower man Rust bumped into on a Tuttle property way back in '95. (Okay, be honest, who called that one? Shout out it out in the comments below because you deserve some serious praise!) As it turns out, the older, richer Tuttles and their friends used the schools to find children to abuse in their masked rituals. It was gruesome and horrifying. Meanwhile, the Ledoux brothers and the younger, scarred Tuttle, re-victimizied the victims and grabbed other locals and assaulted them without their masks.  We witnessed some truly terrifying scenes in tonight's True Detective and now we're left queasy with anticipation for next week's season finale. We're going to miss this show so much!

Girls, June Squibb

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Girls: A car accident, quarrels over money and possessions and a death, yep, Girls definitely sent Hannah home again! After her mother called to say her grandmother, fabulously played by Oscar nominee June Squibb, was dying, Hannah hopped on the train straight to a neurotic cousin (who later got them in car accident by texting and driving (Tsk-tsk!) and in-fighting between her mother and aunts over the inheritance.

And though grandma initially takes a miraculous turn for the better, Hannah receives the call at the end of the episode, just as she's gotten back to the city, that she has passed. This one hurt, no? Oh, and Hannah's mother finally came clean and told her daughter she doesn't want her to end up with Adam, who had just done a solid and lied to grandma saying the duo was engaged at her request. In laws, ain't they the worst?  

The Oscars: Did you miss anything from Hollywood's biggest night? As always, E! has got you covered! Catch up on all the glitz and glam, plus all of the biggest winnners right here!

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Okay, fine. Maybe this GIF was not from an actual TV show, but we just can't get enough of watching Jennifer Lawrence fall. She's the cutest klutz ever!

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