Kim Novak, Rose McGowan

Venturelli/WireImage; Michael Yada/ABC

Rose McGowan is not happy with the star-studded audience at this year's Academy Awards.

The actress took to Twitter and Instagram to vent her frustrations after Kim Novak didn't receive a standing ovation when presenting alongside Matthew McConaughey at the awards show.

"Kim Novak! No standing ovation?! Self-obsessed and disrespectful, that sums up the Oscar audience," she wrote.

She then posted several pictures on Instagram showing the Hollywood icon and added a few well, colorful, captions to really drive the point home.

"You are all lucky that she graced you with her presence RT @rosemcgowan: Disgusted by the uneducated twits that make up the audience at this year's oscars. Gross. It's Kim Novak, a--holes. #EDUCATEYOURSELVES."

And yes, she did RT herself.

One fan wrote her on Twitter, saying, "I usually love you but calm down! It's an actor not Jesus."

OK, fair point. McGowan, however, was not amused.

"It's called Hollywood history, their occupation," she responded.

She finished up her tweetspree with a funny (and calm) message to her fans.

She posted, "Okay, I feel better now having gotten that off if my chest. Little tantrum over."

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