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We know that many of you, like us, are currently nursing a post-Oscars hangover.

So grab a huge cup of coffee, pop some pills for that headache, and get ready to chow down on some greasy and delicious spoilers from your favorite shows.

Read on for some shocking insight into one of Pretty Little Liars' biggest mysteries, an introduction into one of the most messed-up families in True Blood's history, and dangerous details from The Following's next episode. Plus, exclusive scoop from Teen Wolf, Hart of Dixie, Revenge and many more of the small screen's biggest shows!

Rebecca: I can't believe Lola and Francis hooked up on Reign! Please tell me that will not continue! We need Frary fans need some hope!
"Lola gets involved with Francis, but she will also move on to others," showrunner Laurie McCarthy assures. "She's the first of our girls to be really driven to find a husband." And one small tease for this week's can't-miss (seriously!) ep? One of the other ladies-in-waiting learns of Lola and Francis' connection.

Mandi: I heart Hart of Dixie. Please tell me you've got some scoop to sooth my soul?
Ding-dong-ding-dong! Do you hear that? Nope the wicked witch isn't dead, those are wedding bells ringing in Bluebell! Grab something old, something new, and something borrowed and blue, because the season three finale of Hart of Dixie is going to feature a wedding! We can't tell you who will be tying the knot, but we can tell you that this is one ceremony that you absolutely cannot miss.

Angelique: I'm loving all these Girl Meets World spoilers you guys are giving us! Got any more?
We sure do! We cannot wait to meet Maya, Riley Matthew's best friend—aka the female Shawn Hunter. Not only is Maya a slacker in school, she, like Shawn, also has an absentee mother. Maya's mom is working as a waitress in a diner while she waits for her big break to fulfill her dreams of being an actress. Hopefully, Topanga and Cory can shake some sense into this mother, so she'll focus on her daughter more.

Anna Camp, True Blood

John P. Johnson/HBO

Trevor: I need some True Blood scoop now, so gimme those bloody spoilers please.
You all know Sarah Newlin, the vivacious blonde, played by the incredible Anna Camp, who will do whatever it takes to eliminate the vamps of the world. Well get ready fang bangers, because we're going to be meeting the Sarah's entire family! Introducing, Amber Crabtree, Sarah's angry and bitter gothed-out sister, Nancy, Sarah's socialite mother, and Paul, the patriarch of the Crabtree family who is a dead ringer for Dr. Phil. It's going to be quite the dysfunctional family reunion…

Kevin H.: The Following is so good this season. I need scoop on what's next!
Tonight's episode features a death you will not see coming. At all. And it's possibly one of the series' most devastating deaths yet. Oh, and fans of Ryan and Weston's bromance will not want to miss the episode, as the bond between them is solidified even further.

Patricia: I'm going through Revenge withdrawals, got anything for me?
When Revenge finally comes back from their ridiculously long break, we'll be meeting many new characters. Specifically in episode 20, entitled, "Revolution," we'll be meeting Brandon, one of Victoria's terrifying and manipulative henchmen. He's creepy and dangerous, but his good looks and charm lets him fit right in at any Hampton soiree. Watch your back, Emily!

Pretty Little Liars, Halloween

ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

Jennifer: I still don't believe that Ezra isn't connected to the A-team. What about the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode?!
Funny you should bring that up! We recently chatted with she-who-has-all-the-answers, Marlene King, and we asked that very same question. The executive producer revealed, "I think there were two gas masks that night." Ooh and the plot thickens! King clarified that other than spying on the girls, we haven't actually seen Ezra do anything devious. As for Ezra's disappearing Ravenswood lair? The showrunner explained, "I think he followed the trail of Ali, I think Ali went to Ravenswood first and Ezra was following her trail." So, in conclusion: Ezra = Super obsessed writer, not "A."

Riley: Got anything for Teen Wolf?
It's no secret that things in Beacon Hills are pretty much out of control at all times, so the powers-that-be are looking to bring in some extra law enforcement to help combat the crazy. In season four we'll meet Deputy Haigh, and if we're being honest… he's kind of a dick. Let's put it this way: He's the kind of cop that will definitely give you a ticket after pulling you over, no matter what the circumstance. 

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