Bobbie Thomas


It's time for a little spring cleaning.

Before the season officially hits March 20th, take a peek in your closet, do away with the old and get rid of that eternal ‘I have nothing to wear' feeling.

For those who made resolutions to be a bit more organized in 2014, but have yet to get a jump start, we caught up with Bobbie Thomas at a launch event for Dove's new Advanced Care deodorant, where she share her style advice and expert beauty tips for women.

According to Thomas, this is the time of year where "you're burned out from holiday shopping and not quite ready to splurge for spring."

"So, this is the perfect time to use those gloomy weekends or the weekends that aren't so pretty to get in your closet and invest in making it as pretty as the department store you want to linger in," she continued.

Bobbie Thomas Holiday Gift Guide

Thomas said a lot of women have an issue where they look in their closets and feel like they have nothing to wear. "When you open up your closet and it's packed [it's like] if you can't see it you can't wear it."

She discusses this issue in her book, Power of Style, in which she devoted an entire chapter to the "closet cleanse."

"We as women are emotional and we have to break-up with our clothing in a slow, caring process, because it's just the way we are," Thomas said.

Check out Thomas' three tips for organizing your closet and her secret for stepping into spring as a better you!

1. Edit your closet: Thomas uses a ‘yes, no, maybe' system to make this process easier. "Pick your closet or one dresser. Take everything out and set it on a rolling rack. Use a six second style rule. If you can't say ‘yes or no' in six seconds it goes in a pile. If it's a ‘yes,' it goes immediately back into the closet and if it's ‘no,' it goes into a donation bag."

This will give you a rationale reasoning when it comes to your closet. "You'll feel so much better about saying goodbye and breaking up. It takes away the emotional pain," she said with a laugh. "Make a commitment to tackle that baby pile an hour a week until you're done."

2. Evaluate your closet: Once you're done with editing, step away from the closet and evaluate. This is the point where you should look to see what's in your closet and if a lot of it is the same. That way you'll know that if you have all casual outfits and you want to get tailored things or if you have a ton of blazers and you want to get cardigans, for example, that is okay.

3. Throw a pre-spring swap party: Get together with your friends, bring clothes and accessories you don't want and swap. "It's a really great time to throw a pre-Spring swap party with the girls," Thomas said. "I'm all about a style club with your girls as well."

As you work on your closet, don't forget to also work on yourself. "You have to make time for you like you would a business appointment or someone else," Thomas said. One way to do that is by boosting your self confidence with an improved skin care regimen.

Thomas, for example, loves to "exfoliate everything," and she swears by scrub gloves. "When you're exfoliated and moisturized when you go to bed at night, when you wake up you feel ready to go," she said. Thomas uses body oils and spray mists to stay moisturized, and also recommends using Dove's new Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant with NutriumMoisture provides softer, smoother armpits in just three days and offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection.

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