Switched at Birth

Lights, camera, dancing!

ABC's hit series Switched at Birth is known for brining fans some truly unique and innovative episodes (Exhibit: A the incredible all-ASL special!), and now it's time for another memorable moment with the Kennish/Vasquez family. Put on your blue suede shoes and grab the nearest tutu, because this Monday's episode, "Dance Me to the End of Love," will feature eight amazing dance routines throughout the all-new hour.

To get you excited for all the hip-shaking action and toe-tapping fun, we just got off the phone with star Vanessa Marano and she spilled behind-the-scene secrets and silliness from the episode. Plus, we've scored an exclusive sneak peek at the episode's most romantic performance, featuring everyone's favorite on-again, off-again couple, Bay (Marano) and Emmett (Sean Berdy).

"The great thing about Switched at Birth is how talented and creative all the people are. We have such a multi-talented, triple threat cast, such creative writers, innovative producers," Marano gushes. "Everyone has such great dance experience and musical backgrounds—except for one person."

Gilles Marini and Marlee Matlin both competed in ABC's reality hit Dancing With the StarsI, D.W. Moffett has a Broadway past, Lea Thompson and Constance Marie have a backgrounds in dance, and Lucas Grabeel co-starred in the smash High School Musical franchise. As for Katie Leclerc? She does not have a huge dance past, however apparently she is "absolutely obsessed" with all the High School Musical movies.  Score one for Lucas!

The entire cast of ABC Family's endearing drama was thrilled when they discovered they'd be filming a dance-filled extravaganza this season. However, Marano, who is a self-proclaimed "klutz," was a little bit apprehensive to join in on all the "five-six-seven-eight" fun. "You'll want to watch the talented dancers and the people who have experience and then you'll want to watch me, just kind of get through it," the star says with a laugh. We think it's safe to say that Vanessa does not want to appear on Dancing With the Stars anytime soon.

Switched at Birth

However, despite her lack of musical coordination, Marano still managed to pull on a gorgeous performance as a '50s showgirl dancing along the brightly-lit streets of Las Vegas. (Check it out in the video above!) Although it was "absolutely freezing" the night Marano and Berdy filmed this twirl-filled number, Marano is happy with what this performance represents for her character.

"Bay is a point in her life where she's freaking out, because of her hand, and art and everything, so when Bay's freaking out, who are you gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters—it's Emmett Bledsoe," Marano laughs.

The 21-year-old actress continues, "Emmett is trying to figure out a way of getting her out of her funk and he figures out a way to re-inspire her creative visions, despite the fact that she is now injured. And through him inspiring her, that kind of inspired this fantasy sequence in 1950s Vegas." And we've got a feeling that this passionate performance just might re-ignite the sparks between the former couple!

Switched at Birth's all-new dancing episode is this Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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