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With the Oscars just days away, there's no better way to ring it in than with an Academy Awards playlist.

Music can set the tone of a film, so to celebrate the upcoming awards show's movie nominees, we teamed up with DJ and fashionista Nikki Pennie to create the ultimate list of songs.

Known as the "British Bardot," Pennie has gone from styling the likes of Kate Middleton, Charlize Theron, and more to furthering her passion for music with a budding DJ career.

In honor of the Academy Awards, Pennie created a playlist based on songs in the Oscar-nominated films as well as tunes inspired by the film nominees.

Check out Pennie's Oscars playlist!

Oscar Movies, Gravity, American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street, 12 Years a Slave

1. American Hustle: "Love to Love You Baby" by Donna Summers; "This is one my faves," Pennie said. "I spin this all of the time at parties. It's such a classic; sexy, Studio 54, it's a glam tune and I love that it is one of the theme songs of this amazing movie."

2. Nebraska: "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper; "This song makes an appearance on the movie soundtrack. Any song by Cyndi Lauper should be on a girl's playlist for every occasion. She is a legend!," she said.

3. Captain Phillips: "Riders on the Storm" by Snoop Dogg Featuring the Doors; "This song isn't in the soundtrack but perfectly depicts the movie! Plus, who doesn't love Snoop & the Doors?! This is a great tune, its chill, but still makes you want to move in your seat."

4. Dallas Buyers Club: "City of Angels" by Thirty Seconds to Mars; "This is so poignant to the movie because it's by Jared Leto's band. I love this song. The words are beautiful and I like that it's a tad rock ‘n roll but not too much!"

Matthew McConaughey, The Dallas Buyers Club

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5. Gravity: "Gravity" by Steven Price; "One of my favorite things about this stunning movie was the soundtrack. It is beyond beautiful. Music is a massive element when it comes to setting the tone and theme of a movie and this soundtrack was phenomenal."

6. Her: "The Moon Song" by Karen O; "This song is nominated for an Oscar. Karen O wrote this in her dining room after reading Spike Jonze's script. I listen to this non-stop. It's such a gorgeous tune. The lyrics and musical elements of the songs feel very wholesome and very bohemian chic. I love it."

7. Philomena: "Happy" by Pharrell; "This song isn't in this movie's soundtrack. Its actually Oscar nominated from the movie Despicable Me. But, it's such a fab tune. I spin this all of the time and it really does make you feel happy! I thought this song was a great representation of this movie."

8. 12 Years of Slave: "Freight Train" by Gray Clark Jr; "I am a big fan of Gary Clark Jr! This song very much depicts the movie. The soundtrack for the movie is fabulous."

9. The Wolf of Wall Street: "Never Say Never" by Romeo Void; "This soundtrack is fab, fun, up-tempo and cool! I adore this song. It's catchy and perfect for me to spin at the beginning of a party to set the fun ambiance for the evening."

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