Jimmy Kimmel, Iron Man, Max

Jimmy Kimmel may have faked his way to viral video gold in the past (the epic twerk fail video, the Sochi hotel wolf, and who knows what else?), but this video is too real. And more than any in the past, it deserves to go viral.

Because people need to hear the story of 7-year-old Max Wilford, who is battling brain cancer and inspiring countless people along the way, with the bravery he's shown facing his sickness, as well as the compassion he's showing other sick kids.

The whole story starts with Rainbow Looms, which are apparently the trendy new toy for kids. They're more or less colored rubber bands that kids can combine to make bracelets and other little creations. Jimmy asked viewers to send him their creations and he combined them into a "Suit of the Loom."

But the Arroyo Elementary School in Tustin, Calif, also sent a special message. Watch:

"We've got gone Loom crazy in Arroyo, all in support of our number one student, our superhero Max Wilford," Principal Villegas explains. "He has truly gone Loom crazy and inspired our whole school."

Max—or "Super Max" as he's more commonly known—is behind The Max Love Project, a non-profit that hopes to provide families "fighting childhood cancers and life-threatening conditions with accessible, practical, and kid-friendly whole-body wellness." This week, Max and his Love Project, as well as Arroyo Elementary, will host the Loom-a-Thon, where they hope to make the longest Rainbow Loom chain in the world.

(For the record, Max says it's going to be "about 100 miles" long.)

Jimmy brought Max and Mrs. Villegas on his show to spread the word on Loom-a-Thon and also to give Max a special surprise: A visit from Iron Man and a trip to Disneyland. But the reaction you need to see is from a tearful Jimmy. 

Check out The Max Love Project or bid on Jimmy's Suit of the Loom on eBay.

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