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Every time someone talks about Lorde and Taylor Swift's friendship (aka Lorde and Taylor), we have to double check that they aren't talking about a department store. Lord & Taylor or Lorde and Taylor? This is the first time in our lives we've ever had to stop someone mid-conversation and say, "Wait, the store or the singers?"

We assume everyone else has run into this problem, so we wanted to give you a little comparison guide so you don't run into an embarrassing situation like we did. 

You might be saying to yourself at this point: "Why in the hell are you guys comparing two girls with a department store?" And the only response we have to that is:

"Why not? Just let it happen."

So, here. This is happening. Let it:

The Friends: Taylor Swift is the youngest person ever to solely write and sing a song that hit No. 1 on the country charts. Lorde was only 17 when she released her Grammy-winning album Pure Heroine.
The Store: 
Lord & Taylor is the oldest upscale, specialty-retail department store chain in America. It's been around since 1826!
Lord & Taylor 

The Friends: Lorde and Taylor don't really have a home base together, so they would have to split time between New Zealand and Nashville, respectively.
The Store: Lord & Taylor's home base is New York City.
Advantage: Lord & Taylor 

Lorde, Taylor Swift


The Friends: Taylor and Lorde spend their free time frolicking on the sand and shopping in Beverly Hills.
The Store: Lord & Taylor doesn't have a store in Beverly Hills or Malibu.
Advantage: Lorde and Taylor

The Friends: Lorde sings about royals, while Taylor sings songs like "Better Than Revenge."
The Store: Lord & Taylor cater to some people who think they're royal or better than others.
Advantage: Lorde and Taylor

The Store: Lord & Taylor have 50 locations across America.
The Friends: Unfortunately, there is only one Lorde and one Taylor Swift in the whole, wide world.
Advantage: Lorde & Taylor 

Taylor Swift, Lorde, Twit Pic


The Store: Annual sales for Lord & Taylor are between $90 million and $100 million.
The Friends: Combined, Lorde and Taylor are worth around $155 million.
Advantage: Lorde and Taylor 

The Friends: Two beautiful humans.   
The Store: A chain of beautiful stores.
Advatange: Tie.

Well, there you have it. Comparing and contrasting Lord & Taylor and Lorde and Taylor has led to a tie. We're going to let this guy summarize our findings from this article:

May god have mercy on our souls, indeed.

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