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This just in: Jon Gosselin is not very fond of his ex-wife Kate Gosselin. Oh, you knew?

Well, in case you needed a reminder of just how much the reality star loathes the mother of his eight children, we offer you this sneak peek from VH1's Couples Therapy (airs tomorrow) where Jon completely goes off about Kate after having a heated phone call with her.

After talking about a book he's been working on for two years to tell his side of the story, Gosselin began talking about Kate's lawsuit million-dollar against him, telling some of his castmates, "That was my statement: 'You hate me more than you love your children.'"

The clip then cuts to a heated Jon who has just hung up the phone with Kate. The details of the conversation weren't revealed, but it clearly got him worked up.

"I think I'll just take some of my money, and go back to court for primary custody for the ones who want to live with me and just f--king figure the whole thing out," he tells girlfriend Liz Jannetta.

And then he goes off. "It's narcissistic bullsh--t behavior, cause she can go out and talk about the kids any time she wants. She can tweet, have a f--king website dedicated to them, every f--king book she's ever put out because she wants to keep on being on television which is never gonna f--king happen, so she can eat s--t and die. There's your honest depiction of Kate Gosselin."

But that was just the beginning of his bleep-fest!

Watch the clip above to see what else Jon had to say about his ex-wife.

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