Melissa Joan Hart

Jason Merritt/Getty Images; Ben Hider/Getty Images

Melissa Joan Hart worked hard to get this body, so it's no surprise she wants to show it off!

The mother of three flaunts her dramatic 40-pound weight loss in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight. Hart, who became the spokesperson for Nutrisystem last year, posed in a low-cut blue one-piece to display her slimmer figure while shooting a commercial for the weight-loss company.

"For me, it was important to bond with my child, as opposed to ‘lose the weight.' So I waited until I was ready, and I knew I had the time, and then I made it a priority that I would eat well," Hart reportedly said in the interview.

"I don't wear bikinis even when I go to the beach, so when I put it on in front of the cameras and all these people, and my husband showed up—it's nerve-wracking but the feeling is very satisfying."

Hart added, "In the beginning, I felt an uncomfortable pressure that I rebelled against, but this third time, I had to go back on camera, I wanted to look great, so I focused on it once I knew I had the time in my schedule. I am really happy where I am. I could live like this. I'm on a good path."

The 37-year-old gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy with her son Tucker, who was born in September 2012, and revealed a 20-pound weight loss in April 2013 after working with Nutrisystem.

"I love working with Nutrisystem," the actress had said in a statement to ET Online. "The program is really delivering results for me and I look forward to long-term success, staying motivated and helping others do the same."

Keep up the great work, Melissa!

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