Juan Pablo Galavis


The best way to avoid a misunderstanding due to a language barrier? Silence!

Though Juan Pablo Galavis' mouth has gotten him into a bit of trouble on The Bachelor and in the media over the last couple of months, there's no worry of that happening in one of the Venezuelan single father's new ads for Rochester Appliance, a small business located in upstate N.Y.

In the ad, Juan Pablo is one of the company's in home repairmen, who, oddly enough, seems to get a lot more requests than any other employee. Oh, and he doesn't speak once in the 30-second spot.

"Juan may be a little busy," Rochester Appliance wrote on its Web site. "We have many other well trained, handsome technicians if you're interested..." (We think Andi Dorfman, who dumped Juan Pablo in last night's episode, may take them up on that offer!)

So how did Juan Pablo's commercial debut come to fruition? Rochester Appliance's owner David Eaton revealed the story on the company's site.

"Juan went to college with my brother in-law at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester N.Y.," he wrote. "When I found out Juan was going to be the next Bachelor, I immediately tried to get him to be in a commercial for me...He was surprisingly open to the concept. The friendships he formed while in college made a great impact on his life, and he wanted to give back to those who have helped him."

On Twitter, Juan Pablo wrote about the ads, tweeting, "His BROTHER in law played SOCCER with me in COLLEGE. Love HELPING those who HELPED me in the PAST... ;-)"

And while Eaton told the L.A. Times that the Bachelor doing the spots was "a huge favor," he did spill that Juan Pablo was paid for his work. "We are a very small store in Rochester N.Y. Juan put us on the map," Eaton said.

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In the second commercial released, "Just Looking," two women are more interested in checking out Juan Pablo the salesman than the actual appliances in the store. And yes, JP gets to show off his acting skills in this one.

"Anything catch your eye?" Juan Pablo asks the smitten customer, before telling her and another admirer to "keep looking" as he walks away. (Oh, you know they will.)

"He was upbeat and friendly throughout the entire process, "Eaton wrote. "Giving back is what he chose to do, and for that I am truly grateful."

Juan Pablo fans can expect to see four more commercials featuring the Bachelor star released this week.

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