Miley Cyrus, Charlotte Church

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Charlotte Church is putting pop princesses Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus on blast.

In a recent interview with Stylist magazine, the 28-year-old Brit songstress opened up about her passion for feminism and what role models she would like her daughter to look up to.

"I try to let my kids make their own way and be free, but trying to protect them and let them make their own choices at the same time [is hard]," Church said. "For instance, I don't want my little girl to see a Katy Perry video. I like Katy Perry; she's funny—I'm not fussed on her music—but I don't want my little girl to hold her up as an ideal. I think a lot of what she does is marketed to children. All that candy stuff [in her "California Gurls" video]. If [Ruby] had seen that she would have loved it, sweets everywhere and then there she is—this naked chick!"

The mag followed up by asking what Church thinks of Cyrus' super-sexual and provocative public image.

"It's so obvious this young lady has a skewed perspective because of what she's been through," she said. "All she knows is to sell and be sold. This sounds patronizing but in a couple of years she'll change her tune. I went through a similar-ish thing; not to the depths she is taking it to. But it's exhibitionism. As a teenager, you're really egocentric. Why would you give a f--k about the rest of society?"

Perry and Cyrus weren't the only one's who got called out by Church. She also recounted an interview she had with Piers Morgan over 10 years ago about over-intrusive media and violations of privacy [years before the News of the World scandal].

She recalled, "I remember interviewing Piers Morgan [then editor of the Daily Mirror] when I was 17 for the Oxford Union and he was such a prick. His argument basically centered around, ‘You're rich, you're making money out of this, who the f--k are you to question it?' I was like, ‘I hate you!' I wanted to storm out and it took all my strength not to, and in that talk he basically told me about phone hacking and everything."


Morgan actually responded to Church's interview this week, writing on Twitter, "I actually enjoyed meeting you @charlottechurch - you just weren't the brightest bulb in the box. In fact, ANY box..."

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