Justin Timberlake Flipping Bird


What would you do if you got flipped off by a fan mid-concert? If you're Justin Timberlake, you give the middle finger salute right back!

During his 20/20 Experience concert tour stop in Philadelphia, the 33-year-old singer got a surprising and rude hand gesture from a female fan who was watching from the audience (but don't worry, he handled it like a pro).

"I'm excited to be here," Timberlake said charmingly from the stage (in a video courtesy of @StephLough). "I've got some good friends in Philly."

Noticing a bird-flipping fan, Timberlake asked, "Why are you flipping me off? You got second row to flip me the bird? That makes no f--king sense. You wanted me to see it? But you're in the second row, you didn't have to flip me off. I see you in the second row."

Jessica Biel's other half then mocked the girl by pretending to put on makeup while flipping the bird to get his attention before admitting, "OK, it worked. It worked. OK, let's all do this at the same time so we can get it over with."

Timberlake then flipped off the entire audience as they returned the gesture. "That's also the weirdest moment I've ever had with a crowd,' he said. LOL!

Watch the funny video for yourself.

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