Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson, Instagram


Jessica Simpson's never been one to hold back, and now she's even bringing us into the bedroom!

On Monday, the mom of two Instagrammed an adorable picture of herself and fiancé Eric Johnson's "goodnight kiss," writing, "I love this man."

The shot, which appears to be a selfie taken by Eric, shows the couple locked in each others arms (or arm—one's gotta be free for the iPhone!) as they passionately lock lips. Clearly, J.Simp and her hubby-to-be are quite smitten!

The twosome, who have their hands full with 8-month-old son Ace Knute and 21-month-old daughter Maxwell, have been engaged since 2010, but now it seems they're finally say "I do!"

"We don't have an actual [wedding] date, but we do know that we want it to be this year. We need to get married," Jessica said in a Good Morning America interview in January.

"I already feel like we're an old married couple already," she said, adding jokingly, "Like, if he wanted to run, he could've run when I was hormonal and pregnant."

Very true! The 33-year-old fashion mogul sure has dropped those pregnancy pounds, though, and credits Weight Watchers for helping her to lose the weight in a healthy way.

Jess knows that her svelte figure isn't what matters most on the day every little girl dreams of. "The wedding day is a very important day, but I think it's important for us, as brides, for us to know that it is the day we are most loved," she said in a recent Google+ Live Chat for her Weight Watchers campaign. "No matter what your dress looks like, no matter the chaos of all of it, everybody is there to celebrate you, and to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé."

Too sweet! Oh, and Jessica will definitely make one beautiful, beautiful bride!

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