Seth Meyers Makes His Late Night Debut, Amy Poehler and Joe Biden Propose Snakes on a Train

Jimmy Fallon's successor kicks off his talk show February 24 with band leader Fred Armisen

By Zach Johnson Feb 25, 2014 12:25 PMTags
Late Night With Seth Meyers, Seth MeyersPeter Kramer/NBC

Seth Meyers kicked off his first Late Night Monday with a tribute to his predecessor Jimmy Fallon.

As Fallon's "Thank You Notes" music played, the new host wrote, "Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for taking over The Tonight Show at 11:30, so I could take over Late Night at 12:30. I promise to treat it with respect and dignity, and to only use it to do completely original comedy pieces...Starting now."

In his opening monologue, Meyers quipped that new Taco Bell breakfast menu items are "perfect for those occasions when you wake up drunk." He also poked fun at Sochi, joking, "The Olympics are over, so for the next four years, if you go skiing with a rifle on your back, you're just a crazy person."

The 40-year-old Saturday Night Live alum also chatted with his new band leader, Fred Armisen, about a show that doesn't exist (similar to his "Weekend Update" interviews with fictional characters). Sitting behind his desk, Meyers shared a tried a few more bits, including Olympic highlights shown through "Costas Vision" and a Venn diagram sketch, before moving on to his first guest and BFF, Amy Poehler.

The funny friends started at SNL in 2001 and went on to co-anchor the "Weekend Update" segment. Meyers shared a picture from their beginnings, and Poehler laughed and said, "That was before I fixed my teeth! All my teeth are fake now. I pulled them all out and I got new ones." Meyers riffed off Poehler, saying, "Oh yeah, I remember that! There was that one year at SNL where you had no teeth."

Poehler feigned tension with Armisen, joking, "It's hard sometimes to be after being very turbulent lovers." She also took the opportunity to call a truce with George Clooney after getting involved in a prank war in January. "I just want to use your show to wave the white flag and tell Clooney that I surrender," the Parks and Recreation star said. "He is the master prankster, and I want to say something to George Clooney that no woman has ever said to him, which is: George, please stop."

After Poehler shared stories about her post-Golden Globes party with Tina Fey and announced that Broad City is getting a second season, Meyers introduced his second guest, Vice President Joe Biden.

Poehler and Biden first worked together in 2012 when the latter guest starred on an episode of Parks and Recreation. "We need to work together more!" the TV star exclaimed. When Meyers asked about the duo's potential new projects, Poehler, 42, joked, "Yeah, we're going to do Snakes on a Train."

"I don't know which part I'm going to play but...," Biden, 71, said with a laugh.

Peter Kramer/NBC

When Meyers asked the politician about his plans for 2016, Biden replied, "I was planning on making a major announcement tonight, but I decided tonight's your night. So, I hope you'll invite me back."

As for Poehler's plans? "I'm going to run for president," the TV star deadpanned.

Upcoming guests on Late Night include Kanye West, Kelly Ripa, Brad Paisley, Lena Dunham and more.

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