Kaley Cuoco, Ryan Sweeting


Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and her hubby Ryan Sweeting were spotted arriving at John F. Kennedy airport on Sunday.

The newlyweds were both bundled up in anticipation for the chilly weather, after having been in sunny California.

Kaley was dressed in a bright blue sweater with an animal print scarf and was carrying a green leather coat through the terminal.

Meanwhile, Ryan followed closely behind. He wore a beige sweater and held his wife's hands as they made their way to baggage claim.

The Big Bang Theory actress is currently in the Big Apple to promote her show and make an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Kaley Cuoco Instagram, Ryan Sweeting


The star's hubby took to Instagram to document a rather personal aspect of their trip to New York City.

The two clearly enjoyed their dinner Sunday evening, because Ryan shared a picture of his belly after eating a massive meal.

"Man dinner was goooood!!! Dessert time now!! #steakmakemehappy," he wrote.

The tennis star appeared to have a bloated stomach (aka food baby) while lying on his hotel bed.

He then posted a follow-up photo which was, well, TMI to say the least!

"10 minutes after a quick bathroom trip #everybodypoops," he added

Sure, everybody poops. But does everybody share what they're doing behind bathroom doors? Not so much…

Either way, it seems like Mr. and Mrs. Sweeting are soaking up their honeymoon phase! 

Kaley Cuoco Instagram, Ryan Sweeting


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