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Nikki. Andi. Clare. Renee. Only four women remain on The Bachelor, vying for Juan Pablo's "heart" (Are we still sure he has one?) and sources tell E! News that one of the final four will be named the next Bachelorette.

So who is it?

Host Chris Harrison won't spill the beans, but tells us how he sees the show with each of the four women.

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"I'd have trouble really knocking holes in any of them!" he admits. "I mean, they are just different shows, like Renee, single mom, would be definitely a different sweet show as opposed to Clare, which would be a highly emotional show, and probably a sexual, sensual show. Nikki, a pediatric nurse who's kind of a dichotomy, you know, there's this sweet side of her but then there's this tough, kind of hard-as-nails… That's the great thing about being a producer is you look at the different women, and even like Andi, who's this strong district attorney who would be cross-examining every guy. It's just a different type of show no matter which way you go."

Harrison hints that producers usually wait until the end of the season to decide who will be the next Bachelor or Bachelorette—looking specifically to the Women Tell All special to see who gets the biggest response from the crowd. (Juan Pablo was "like the Beatles taking the stage," according to Harrison…though producers might be regretting listening to that crowd.)

"We wait until the fans kind of speak to us," Harrison explains, "and we'll wait until the end… because we want to know, do you love Juan Pablo?"

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An ABC insider tells us that the announcement of who will be the next Bachelorette will probably go down March 10, during After the Rose.

One you can bet on: It won't be Sharleen. Despite her dramatic departure on the most recent episode of The Bachelor, Harrison says she likely would struggle with the setup.

"She's beautiful. She's smart, articulate, easy to work with," Harrison says of Sharleen. "I like her a lot, and she's ridiculously talented, but I don't know if this process is right for her. As much as she had trouble with Juan Pablo, I think she had trouble with the situation…I think it would be dramatic, to say the least, because I think she would be emotional, but I don't know if she'd be a good fit."

 As we've seen from Juan Pablo, whoever gets the role will have to seriously consider how challenging it can be.

"I mean, this is tough," Harrison insists. "[Being the] Bachelor and Bachelorette, I know it seems like this glam spot, but it's not easy. I empathize with these people because I have seen 27 of them do this, and they all struggle. It's not a simple task."

The Bachelor's back-to-back fantasy suite episodes air Monday and Tuesday on ABC.

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