When it comes to the President of the United States and cancer, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has no fear.

The FOX News Channel host gets up close and personal on Beyond Candid with Giuliana, sharing intimate stories about her life both on and off camera.

Elisabeth spoke about working up the courage to ask tough questions during an interview with President Barack Obama. In her exclusive interview with E! host Giuliana Rancic, she said, "This isn't about me being afraid to ask a question. This is what makes our country great."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Giuliana Rancic

The two went on to discuss Elisabeth's concerns about breast cancer, which her mother also endured.

Elisabeth admitted that she used to be more optimistic about her health, but now that she's reached a certain age, she thinks that it's more a matter of when the cancer will hit.

"I'm ready, in case," she told Giuliana. "As ready as I think I am."

Watch the clip above to hear what happened before her big interview with President Obama!

See the full exclusive interview tonight on Beyond Candid with Giuliana: Elisabeth Hasselbeck at 10/9c on E!

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