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Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest, most jaw-dropping moments from Sunday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show, and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

The Walking Dead: Finally! Tonight's all-new episode, "Claimed," was exactly the kind of fast-paced, high-drama hour that we've been waiting for. While Michonne and Carl were out searching for supplies, our machete-loving vixen finally came clean about her pre-apocalyptic life: Michonne had a three-year-old son named Andre Anthony. In addition to discovering that Adnre was a handful, we got to see that Carl and Michonne have become close friends who really depend on each other for support and smiles.

Back at the house, Rick woke up from a happy little nap to find that a gang full of intruders had invaded their space, and let's just say, they were not the most polite group of men. After hiding under a bed, and successfully killing one of the men who was going No. 2 in the bathroom, Rick managed to escape the house with a gun and scissors in hand. Now Michonne, Carl and Rick are enroot to Terminus. Yay! That's where baby Judtih is headed!

As for Glenn? Once he woke up from his passed out slumber, he and Tara discovered that Sgt. Abraham Ford was taking them along on his mission to Washington D.C. Hold onto your hats, TWD fans! Ford claims that his scientist associate knows what caused this zombie outbreak and is ready to save the world. But first, the gang are all going to help Glenn find Maggie because true love conquers all. (In actuality their truck broke, but we likes our reasoning better.) 

Downton Abbey Since last week's episode, eight months have passed in our hit British drama, and now, sadly, it's time for the season finale. In the two-hour special, the entire Downton clan has packed up and shipped out to the spectacular Grantham House in London to prepare for Lady Rose's ball and a visit to the Buckingham Palace.

Not only did Edith give birth to a beautiful baby girl, she also gave the little bundle of joy up for adoption to a sweet Swiss couple. However, it seems like there was a huge change of heart because Michael's almost-bride decided that she was going ask for the baby back and give the newborn back to Drew and his wife to raise. Michael was open to the idea and promised to keep the secret of the child's true origins from even his missus. 

Mrs. Hughes found a ticket in Bates' coat pocket that puts him in London on the day Mr. Green was killed. When Mrs. Hughes showed Mary, Mary wanted to confront Bates about it, but changed her mind after he helped with a letter fiasco with Sampson. She knows how loyal he is to her family and decided to just let it lie. Phew! Carson and Ms. Hughes shared a lovely and heartwarming walk along the beach that gave all shippers tears of joy and Mary discovered that Blake is actually the heir to his distant uncle's fortune and is filthy stinking rich!

The Amazing Race Sunday night's season 24 premiere re-introduced many of the couples that Amazing Race already know and love. However, there was an extra suitcase full of drama in tonight's episode: One of the all-stars didn't even make it to the starting line! Find out who in out mini recap right here!

Girls, Adam Driver, Lena Dunham

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GirlsPoor Marnie! Though they aren't technically dating, Marnie was still unexpectedly dumped by Ray. Why? Because he wants a "legitimate" girlfriend. And though she acted like she didn't care ("I wouldn't be eating pizza in front of you if I actually liked you," she tells him), she later breaks down in front of Hannah, who wordlessly comforts her friend. (Awww!)

Elsewhere in New York City, a bored Jessa relapsed hard (even stealing money from the store she works at for drugs), thanks to the return of Jasper, her "friend" from rehab, and Adam landed a major gig in a Broadway show, Major Barbara. Our boy is growin' up! But Hannah is a little worried about his new job as guest star Patti Lupone "f--ked" with her head, basically saying Broadway is the "most seductive of mistresses" and may cause Adam to pull away from her. 

True Detective, Alexandra Daddario

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True Detective Per last week's revelation, Rust's obsession with The Yellow King has taken over his entire world. If you thought Rust was erratic and obsessive beforehand, you ain't seen nothing yet! Remember back in episode two when Mart gave a young prostitute some money in hopes that she would turn her life around? Welp, Marty had sex with her.

Maggie, upset with Marty for his infidelities of the past and present chose to finally act out. Her weapon of choice? Rust. That's right, ladies and gents, we finally figured out the cause of Marty's and Rust's fallout: Maggie and Rust had down-and-dirty, revenge sex. In an effort to eliminate some of his rage, Marty beat the living crap out of the two twenty-something boys who had sex with his daughter, Audrey, in last week's episode. 

Shameless: Holy crap! When Fiona appeared in front of the judge for her plea deal, (two week's ago Liam ingested a hefty portion of her birthday party cocaine,) the head of the Gallagher household pleaded… guilty! Lip made Fiona realize that if she tried to weasel her way out of this one, he would have to quit college and his entire life would be ruined. It was her coke, and thus her fault. We're not sure what this means for her job, but Fiona is not going to be put on major probation, attend parenting classes and she'll also be classified as a felon. Yikes!

In other Gallagher craziness, Frank was found unconscious after a heroine kick and Sammi followed him to Sheila's house to be a squatter alongside her dear-old-dad. Mickey rescued a high-as-a-kite Ian and took him back to the Gallagher household so he wont be off doing God knows what anymore. And Debbie's boytoy finally came to his 20-year-old senses and realized that he shouldn't be dating a pre-teen. Took you long enough, dude!

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