Gracie Gold

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold is revealing her favorite celebrities!

The 18-year-old sports star recently sat down with E! News in Sochi and she revealed she got some Twitter support from an A-list singer.

"I got a tweet from Taylor Swift, so that was really cool," Gold gushed. "And she's one of my favorite artists, she's one of the world's favorite artists, and so to get a tweet from her was really cool."

Gold has yet to meet Swift, but added, "I saw her in concert in Chicago. It was the last stadium concert of her Red tour, so that was a really great opportunity...She was so sweet."

Gold also loves everyone's favorite Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. "She's amazing," she said. "She's so funny. She's so down to earth in all of her interviews. She's definitely someone I'd love to meet."

"I'm a huge Hunger Games fan so I'm really excited for the next installment," she told us. "Even though Catching Fire just came out, I can't wait for the third one."

So what about the perpetually headline-making Justin Bieber? "Not as much," Gold said. "I'm definitely more towards Taylor Swift if I had to pick one."

—Reporting by James Chairman

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