We've heard of celebs slipping into Ambien-induced sleepwalking sessions, so maybe that explains Adele's awkward attire?

From the stretchy black unders, covered by what appears to be an afghan with armholes, we can't imagine this look was intentional. The "Rumor Has It" crooner isn't wearing any makeup and has her hair in a classic overnight updo.

Could the 10-time Grammy winner just be a tired mum who didn't have time to slap on a full face of makeup before running out to grab some much needed coffee? Maybe this international superstar doesn't give a crap about what her critics say! Maybe she did sleep in this outfit or maybe this cozy combo is how she enjoys her time out of tight cocktail dresses and sky high heels!

Whatever the reason, we're on #TeamAdele regarding this ragged look. Sometimes a girl's just gotta run to the grocery store without making it a major fashion moment. And to that we say, amen!

Tune-in to an all-new Fashion Police tonight at 9/8c on E!

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