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When it comes to launching a business, there isn't just one way to get it off the ground.

Whether it's using personal savings for capital, income you've already made from client sales, credit cards or crowdfunding websites for start-up money, according to USA Today, "there are lots of ways to make your business work," according to William Dunkelberg, chief economist at the National Federation of Independent Business.

"This is what entrepreneurs do--they find clever ways to get things done," Dunkelberg said.

And it seems like there's no better time than now to try to your dream endeavor.

According to the National Small Business Association's 2013 Mid-Year Economic Report, nearly six in 10 small-business owners said they are already growing or expect growth opportunities to come in 2014.

Jeff Beacher, creator of Beacher's Madhouse, is a prime example of an entrepreneur who turned his vision into a mega-successful company.

Beacher's Madhouse

Beacher's Madhouse

The writer, composer, producer, host, showman and "ringmaster" started his beloved party paradise as just a show that he put on in a small theater and transformed it into an A-list hotspot where guests can "expect the unexpected," including a vaudeville-inspired show with flying little people, a mini Miley Cyrus, mini Robin Thicke and towering costumed characters, just to name a few.

Check out Beacher's five top business tips!:

1. Work hard, play hard, grow your following: When it comes to this mantra, Beacher reigns supreme. "It's really just hard work," he said about the success of his company.  "Keep working and put a lot of time into it. People think I just show up and my rooms are packed with models and celebs and it just happens. It's the exact opposite. It takes a lot of time."

"I never went to college, so I wanted to create my own frat house party, and I was doing standup, so I figured if I combined stand-up and a fun party it could kind of be like my college," he said. "So, we hired a couple of midgets, a couple of dancers, a couple of comedians, a couple of interactive shows, the next thing I knew we had sold out a room in a small theater with 300 people, and then we did Broadway and then Paramount, and then from there we did Madison Square Garden, then we got the supper club and two years later we did Hard Rock."

And he didn't need outside money either.

Ashley Greene, Jeff Beacher, Scott Sibella

Beacher's Madhouse

"The show just made so much money from ticket sales," he continued. "We sold over 5 million tickets in 10 years."

"Getting a following will happen if you're selling something good," he quipped. "People will take to it and love it. If you have something that sucks, it's kind of hard to get a following."

2. Follow your passion and the money will come: "Personally, I love having fun," Beacher said. "So, I built a business based on fun. It wasn't about money, or celebrity or getting on TV, it was about having a party that everyone loved and had fun going to together. Money came secondary."

"When you have something that's a hit, you're the best at what you do and you make something that's fun for people, it can become a national phenomenon," he said.

The motto here: Go after what you're passionate about instead of trying to follow the money. The money will come.

Beacher's Madhouse

Beacher's Madhouse

3. Surround Yourself With Good People: Regardless of the service you're promoting, believe that you're the best at it and surround yourself with others who have been successful in business and have that same attitude. That confidence and tenacity can go a long way, particularly in business, and it can attract the right people your way, whether those are business partners, mentors, or investors.

"You know you're the best or you know you're not," Beacher said. "I've known a lot of people who said they were going to do things and they've done it. My friends have just all succeeded. They're just the best."

Surround yourself with good people and good things will continue to come.

4. Be Consistent: One of the keys to Beacher's success has been his consistency. Patrons who head to Beacher's Madhouse can expect an entertaining time, every time, and there's always something different to discover within its lair.

"It's about being consistent. If you're constantly bringing people fun and you keep bringing people something different, people will keep coming back," he said.

5. Pay Attention to Detail: "You have to pay attention to detail," Beacher said. "And it doesn't matter if you're selling bagels or you're selling midgets and monkeys."

If you've had a night out at Beacher's Madhouse, the attention to detail and preparation is clear. It's not a typical club—it's more of an entertainment venue where guests can dance, have a good time, but also watch a show that occurs throughout the night with such precision and timing that there's no way it's just a fluke.

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