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Let's talk about that House of Cards twist. Yes, spoiler warning and all that jazz.  Seriously, don't read unless you've seen at least the first episode of House of Cards season two. This is your last warning.

Kate Mara has been on a media tour promoting the new season of the hit Netflix series and the shocking fate that befalls her character, reporter Zoe Barnes. Mara, who just signed on to play Invisible Woman in the new Fantastic Four movie reboot, said she knew about the twist and had to lie, even to her family. Oh yeah, that twist? Frank (Kevin Spacey) pushes Zoe off a train platform at just the right time in the House of Cards season two premiere. Splat she went.

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 "I can't really believed it happened either," Mara said on Live With Kelly and Michael. "It's hard, I had to be really creative with people asking me how things were going on the show…but my family members didn't even really know. They were swearing at me …"

Mara said she's known from the start what would happen to Zoe and had to keep mum for years. "I kept apologizing to people...I was being paid to lie," she on the talk show.

In an interview with TVLine, Mara said she tried to throw people off by saying she was on break from shooting when asked why she wasn't in Baltimore. She event went a step further on Twitter.

"I took bunch of random pictures on the set in the two weeks that it took me to shoot my final episode and then throughout the months when I wasn't shooting we'd tweet a picture as if I was on set and I really wasn't," Mara told TVLine, "Very Zoe Barnes."

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Frank's disposal of Zoe followed her getting too close to the truth regarding his involvement in a whole mess of things, including Russo's (Corey Stoll) death. But Zoe wasn't exactly clean in everything, having worked with (and slept with) Frank for the whole first season. Did she get what she deserved?

"No! Of course not! But it's one of those things that I love about the show. The first season, Russo was one of my favorite characters—but I loved the way that they handled that death. And I love the dark comedy aspects of the show as well," Mara told EW.

Even though it's out there, Mara said she still doesn't feel comfortable talking about the "moment." And that "moment" is sticking with her.

"I have always thought twice about [crossing the yellow line on the subway], because that has always freaked me out. I always stand far away from it, and now I will continue to do so," she told TVLine. "But I will definitely be thinking of House of Cards and Zoe when I'm in the subway."

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