Kurt Russell Reveals How He Celebrated His 31st Anniversary With Goldie Hawn on Valentine's Day

Art of the Steal actor also discusses his wine business on Chelsea Lately

By Zach Johnson Feb 21, 2014 1:26 PMTags

Kurt Russell stopped by E!'s Chelsea Lately Thursday to promote his new movie, Art of the Steal, and his GoGi wine line. While there, the 62-year-old actor was also asked about his partner, Goldie Hawn.

"I heard a really, really gay story about you and how you spent Valentine's Day," host Chelsea Handler told her guest. "It's kind of sweet, but there's a definite gay quality to it." Russell was confused by the comedienne's use of the word "gay," but Handler told him, "Don't act like it's not gay, because it is."

Russell then said he'd opened a place called The Wine Saloon. "I've been making wine for the past the last years. It's a really high-end pinot noir and it's a really high-end chardonnay. So I said, 'I want to have a great to showcase it at,'" he explained. "In Los Alamos, Calif., there's this old 1880 Wells Fargo station coach stop that's still there, and inside of it is this great old saloon that we've taken over."

The Wine Saloon sells Russell's GoGi wines, as well as Hudson Bellamy Wines (a rosé inspired by Kate Hudson and her fiancé Matt Bellamy) and Ampelos Cellars (which is producing all the labels).

"I took Goldie there for Valentine's Day," the Miracle star said.

"That's not the gay part!" Handler shouted. "You took Goldie there because you're celebrating your 31st anniversary...You guys decided that Valentine's Day was your anniversary."

"Actually, it sort of was," Russell said. "The first time we went to lunch together was Valentine's Day."

To Handler's chagrin, there was no initial hanky panky between the Overboard costars. "We just had lunch. It was very cool. I liked her, she liked me, and we decided to have lunch again," Russell recalled.

"You can't just make Valentine's Day your anniversary when you didn't meet on Valentine's Day!" the Uganda Be Kidding Me author argued. "You can't just make up your own romance rules!"

Russell disagreed with Handler, saying, "You've gotta roll with what you've got!"

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