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Noted as one of the most in-demand celebrity stylists in the industry, Julie Matos rose to fashion fame with her unique sense of style that gained her an A-list following.

The fashionista, who has styled the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Sofia Vergara, Julianne Moore, Demi Moore and many other stars, is known for taking a top trend, putting her own spin on it, and creating unforgettable looks for her clients.

Matos first began her fashion career in her native Boston producing and styling fashion shows for May department stores, going on to become the youngest creative merchandise manager in the company's history.

After moving to New York, she nabbed a gig as a freelance fashion editor for Cosmopolitan and worked as an advertising campaign stylist, with her show styling experience taking her to the runways of New York, Milan and Paris.

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Today, she is the fashion editor for Pashion Magazine in Dubai and a regular contributor to Niche Media Publications.

"To succeed, you have to always know what the next move is--if there is a problem, the answer is never no, you have to do it or make it or fix it," she told Lookbooks.com.

"You just have to make it happen," she continued. "Once I had to make a hat in under 10 minutes for Carrie Underwood. It's also not uncommon to find me fashioning a pair of gloves out of tights or shoving plumbing tape under, behind, or around clothes that are already on a model."

Matos shared a few more of her style secrets too, saying she keeps the majority of them in her styling kit, relying on random supplies like plumbing tape and even silly bands and chopsticks to perfect the look of an outfit.

"Just the other day I used silly bands to ruche the arms of a top and place them where I wanted," she said. "Chopsticks are the best way to tuck a top smoothly into a skirt or fitted pair of pants.  And I always have a lot of plumbing tape on me. You can use it for everything from popping up collars to stiffening up the brim of a shoe."

As for her personal style, Matos loves haute couture, as well as mixing vintage pieces.

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