Emma Stone


Relax, people, you did not just see Emma Stone's naked bod.

Instead, you saw some other young woman's nude body, who at one point opted to take a very risqué mirror selfie which somehow ended up on the Internet and went viral after people thought it was the Easy A star showing off her lady parts.

While the mystery lady's NSFW picture does have a striking resemblance to the actress (of course, the fact that her phone covers half of her face helps a bit), Stone's rep has reportedly shot down the claims, insisting that Andrew Garfield's girlfriend is not the latest victim of a nude photo leak.

Additionally, there are more clues to prove that it's not actually Emma Stone.

The obvious one would be her hair color. Yes, Emma's known for her red locks, but she's been strutting a lighter 'do for quite some time now. But what if it's an old photo, you ask? Valid question.

However, if you peel your eyes away from the obvious attention-grabbing parts of the snapshot, you will notice that Stone's famous Beatles-inspired wrist tattoo is missing, along with the mole on her stomach (oh yeah, we're not playing around, you guys!).

Besides all of the physical evidence proving it's not Emma, there's one additional point that kind of trumps it all—she's just not really the let's-take-a-naked-selfie type.

"My dad would kill me if I posed naked," she told The New Zealand Herald newspaper in 2011. "He wouldn't speak to me again and I really love my dad, so that's always something that makes me a little nervous."

Stone's rep has not yet responded to E! News for comment.

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