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Sometimes humans are so engaged with their smartphones that they walk right off a pier. (No, seriously. That has happened before.) So Coca-Cola's desire to invent something that will help people take their eyes off their tweeting, texting and Candy Crush-ing is warranted.

Coke has released a "commercial" promoting its newest product: the Social Media Guard. Basically, they took those cones that vets put on pets—whoa, we just noticed that "vets" and "pets" conveniently rhyme!—when they have surgery. You know, those giant cones? So Coke took those, spray-painted them red and put that fancy wavy Coke line—not to be confused with a line of coke—and voilà! The Social Media Guard.

The tagline? "It takes the social out of media and puts it back into your life."

The commercial mocks people who Instagram photos of their meals instead of talking to their friends over dinner, dads who ignore their kids because they're on their phone and little children who are too busy looking at cat videos to notice their actual pet cat.

One of those we are legitimately really offended by. Guess which one?

(It's the cat one. How dare those little girls ignore the adorable cat that's right in front of their faces?!)

Anyway, watch the commercial parody below for the Social Media Guard:

A couple problems we see with this invention:

1. People are so obsessed with their phones that they'll probably just pull neck muscles trying to peer over it.
2. Or they'll just cut holes in the front of the cone.
3. Coke might face a lot of backlash once everyone looks up at the ones they spend their lives with and realize that those people actually really suck. They never noticed before because they were way too involved with making sure their friend Becky on Facebook is taken down a peg or two. Nobody wants to see 19 photos of palm trees from your vacation in Hawaii, Becky!

But in general, the Social Media Guard is a good idea. Put your phone down every once in a while, folks.

Unfortunately for Coke, Apple just released the iCone, which displays all your social media notifications and text messages inside your cone. You never have to look at a sunset or into the eyes of your significant other ever again!

(H/T LaughingSquid)

So tell us: would this cone get you off social media? Or does nothing stand in the way of you and that glorious Toaster filter on Instagram?

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