Lady Gaga, Donatella Versace

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Has Donatella Versace fond her soulmate in Mother Monster?

The famed designer shared her admiration for her dear friend and current campaign star, Lady Gaga, in the upcoming Spring Music Issue for V Magazine.

"The first time I met Lady Gaga was when she borrowed pieces from the Versace archive for 'The Edge of Glory' video. Of course I knew all about her, and I was curious to meet her, " says the designer. "The way that we met immediately told me she was someone different; she wanted to get to know the heart of the brand, almost like a student coming to do research. The way she wore Versace in that video showed young people around the world the energy and attitude of Versace."

Lady Gaga, Versace


Donatella also admits the singer is her muse. "For me, the Spring/Summer 2014 collection was about 21st-century Versace. It was about the way that women today wear Versace, women like Lady Gaga. She can be wearing the most glamorous gown, the provocative Medusa harness, or one of our rock tour T-shirts."

Going one step further the designer says the pop star also reminds her a little of her younger self. "It means so much that she finds strength and character through dressing in the Versace way. It's interesting because this is how I've always looked, since I was a teenager. I've never experimented with different personas in the way that she has. It makes me admire her even more, and makes me even more grateful that she wanted to experiment with the Versace look."

Lady Gaga's love for the designer is mutual, she wrote "Donatella" as a single on her latest album ARTPOP. And what did Donatella think of the song? "Of course hearing it for the first time was one of the most incredible moments of last year. It was such an honor that she would even think to write it. She played it for me for the first time at a dinner for my birthday, in her parents' restaurant, in New York. We listened to it over and over; it was the most special birthday present. I wouldn't be able to express what I feel about Lady Gaga in lyrics."

And the cherry on top of this fierce friendship, Donatella has nothing but great words about Mother Monster. "It has been one of the great privileges of my life to be surrounded by some of the most creative people on the planet. I love Lady Gaga for her individuality, her bravery, her extraordinary talent, her style, her humor, her loyalty, and her intelligence. I love Lady Gaga as a true friend. Our conversations are private, but I can tell you that the ringtone on my iPhone is "Applause." That should let you know how often we speak!"

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