Jamie Dornan, Once Upon a Time, Returning Stars


Fifty Shades of…hot Sheriff stealing!

That's what we're renaming the much-talked-about book turned movie starring Jamie Dornan, after Once Upon a Time producers revealed they had asked their resident Huntsman/Sheriff  to return for season three, but were unable to work out timing.

"Last year, when he did ‘Welcome to Storybrooke' for us, it was fantastic to have him come back," Executive Producer Edward Kitsis told reporters Tuesday. "He's a friend of ours, he's a friend of the show and unfortunately, this year, he goes right from the movie to ‘The Fall,' so there was no – because they were shooting [‘Fifty Shades'] in Vancouver, we were hoping to…"

"And it's funny… his part was always conceived as that seven episode arc in the first season… with the hope we could bring him back here and there as we've done," fellow EP Adam Horowtiz added. "But … it's gratifying that everyone seems to have responded so well to his talent."

Producers stayed mum on what Dornan would have done during season three, saying that they might reveal details after the season finale. "Then we will tell you exactly what we wanted to do," said Kitsis, "and then you will be so bummed that we didn't get to do it, and then you will have the same look on your face that I do right now, which is sadness."

Our theory? Dornan would have played some version of the Tinman, since his heart was ripped out by the Evil Queen (Regina), and since the ABC series is venturing deep into Oz territory for the final episodes of season three, introducing the Wicked Witch of the West (Rebecca Mader), Glinda (Sunny Mabrey) and flying monkeys. How completely amazing would that be?

And yes, Mr. Kitsis, we are now deeply, deeply saddened. But at least we still get to see Dornan in, um...metal?

—Reporting by Leanne Aguilera

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