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By TV Scoop Team Feb 21, 2014 2:00 PMTags
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Things are looking up! It's finally (for now) stopped spitting out snow on the East Coast, it's Friday, and best of all…we have spoilers for you!

In today's addition, there's some royal Reign scoop just in time for the show's triumphant return next week, CSI's new deadly turn and some interesting family spoilers for How I Met Your Mother. All that, plus a Scandal British invasion? No, not the Fab Four, but a mysterious man. Ah, mysterious men, the best kind.

Read on for all the scoop that's fit to print!

Gabby: Any How I Met Your Mother finale scoop?
Get ready to meet the kids…at a different age! We'll see Son (David Henrie) and Daughter (Lyndsy Fonseca) at ages 4 and 6, respectively. Maybe they'll meet the mama?

Elisabeth: I'm one of those people who didn't sneakily watch Downton Abbey when it aired in the UK, but I'm so curious about the finale on Sunday, Feb. 23. I don't want to ruin the whole episode…help me?
But of course. The Americans returns to Downton Abbey: Shirley MacClaine and Paul Giamatti guest star as the Downton gang takes on London. But they might not be going back to the States alone! Will one of the downstairs staff hop across the pond? Yes, but not who you expect. Plus, the Edith baby drama takes a new turn.

Brett: Parks and Rec, please and thank you!
Ben and Leslie celebrate their one year anniversary! And we're crying just thinking about their wedding again. When Parks returns (side note: we'll have a fun post celebrating that soon!) Ben attempts to surprise Leslie with a special gift. But we've all seen what Leslie does for special occasions. Will he succeed?


Danielle: I need Reign back in my life! What can we expect from next week's return? Any good Clarissa stuff?
If you considering her kidnapping her mother Catherine's two youngest children good stuff, then yes! But are they in actual danger with Clarissa? "I know she feels very close to those two little boys, so there's some genuine love and affection here," Katie Boland says, but adds, "she's a little bit of a loose cannon." Translation: they're probably in danger. And Catherine? Not pleased.

Lauren: The Fosters is my tear ducts' worst enemy and I love it! Any scoop on what'll make me cry next?
Oh, as if the current episodes aren't making us cry enough, the tearfest will continue in the season two premiere as we'll find one of the kids with a temporary foster replacement. And that replacement is kind of the worst.

Freddy: What's up with the cool cops of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?
They're going to prison! Not for breaking the law, mind you. Peralta will be busy questioning prions convicts in an upcoming episode. Meanwhile, Santiago will meet Dr. Cozner, brother to the captain's husband, a dentist by trade.

Jaqui: Scandalize me, you fools!
Pip pip, cheerio! There will be a handsome British man entering the fray by the name of Idris. He could stick around for more than one episode. We'll also meet Senator Lynda Torres in an upcoming episode.

Noel: I know that CSI is maybe getting another spinoff, but what else is going on with the mother program?
Cannibals! A killer with the taste for human beings strikes. The target? People who fantasize about being prey to cannibals.

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