Amber Heard, Vanity Fair

Tom Munro/Vanity Fair

Watch out. This babe knows how to handle a gun.

It's no surprise that Amber Heard is killin' it in the looks department (please feel free to use the above photo as evidence), but she's also killin' it—literally—in her upcoming movie, 3 Days to Kill. And she's no stranger to a firearm.

The actress, who looks gorgeous while reclining on a couch as her dress strap falls off her shoulder, talks about her upbringing in Texas in Vanity Fair's March issue.

"Anytime I can shoot the gun instead of throw the bouquet, it is exciting for me," Johnny Depp's fiancé told the mag. "My dad is your typical old school Texan. He loves to hunt. Six days of the week, we ate what he killed. He took me to the shooting range from the time I could hold a gun, and I did target practice almost my whole life."

Heard, who plays a sexy FBI agent who has no problem killing, expressed similar sentiments while speaking with E! News in Beverly Hills to promote her film.

"I would rather shoot the gun and save the girl or save the guy or be hated than be cute, sweet and adorable and loved," she said. "It's way more fun. It's always more fun to play a badass. I always fight for those characters."

It's why you don't see Heard jumping into any movie that comes her way. "I only make a few movies a year because for every one that I take, I've said no thanks to many romantic movies where I bat my eyelashes and catch the bouquet," she said.

It also helped that she got along so well with her costar Kevin Costner. "He reminds me of where I come from," the Texan told us. "He's a just good ol' American guy. He reminds me of the people I grew up with and who I was raised by, so I got him. He and I just got each other instantly."

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