Tom Bachik, Twitter


Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik has been working with Jennifer Lopez for years now, and so we caught up with him to talk all things nails—from the fabulous looks J.Lo dons during American Idol to the nail trends he expects to be big at the Oscars this year.

And the first thing we've been dying to know: what comes first—the nail polish or the outfit? "Then start of each day is when Jen will try clothes on, and then the nails come next," explains Tom. "Sometimes we play off the eyes or shoes, or elements from the dress. We think, what's the mood of the day?"

Tom explains that he and Jennifer are constantly trying new shades and playing with color, but she does have a few go-to hues at the moment. " White is really clean, fresh and young—also, bright pink," he says. "L'Oreal has a new collection of full coverage nudes. So last night I used the Julianne color on Jennifer, named after Julianne Moore. Jennifer also wears gel polish a lot."

As for working with Jennifer, Tom says it's a total delight. "Everyday is like going to hang out with family with friends," he says. "It's upbeat, and we push each other to do new things." 

We also had to get the scoop on what nail trends will be big at the Oscars next month. "The full coverage nudes have replaced the French manicure," says Tom. "We will see metallics and deep jewel tones, like shades of plum and raspberry. And of course, you will see red."

So even though we don't know if J.Lo will show up to the Oscars, we know one thing: If she does, her nails will look flawless. 

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