Amy Adams, Inside the Actors Studio

Tony Behar/Bravo

Amy Adams is revealing it all—well, almost all—on Inside the Actors Studio. The five-time Oscar nominee—her latest nomination is for Lead Actress in American Hustle—sat down with host James Lipton and traveled down memory lane.

The two discussed her early work including Junebug and Enchanted before diving into American Hustle and revealing why that role was "the most miserable human being" she has ever played. In the exclusive clip below, Adams and Lipton do one of our favorite parts of Inside the Actors Studio: the Bernard Pivot questionnaire.

Her favorite word? "Yes." Least favorite? "No." Favorite sound? Her daughter's laugh. "I love my daughter laughing, when she really, really laughs," Adams said.

Her turn ons include kindness and honesty. Turn offs? Manipulators. Favorite curse word? The eff word, naturally.

Adams also revealed a desire to teach and said she never wants to become a CPA. And if heaven exists, what would she like God to say to her at the pearly gates?

"I see you."

Inside the Actors Studio with Amy Adams airs Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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