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The Hollywood Reporter

Seth Meyers has less than a week before he officially sits behind his Late Night desk for the first time.

The former Saturday Night Live star has a few major plans up his sleeve, but isn't set on flipping the script of the show just yet.

Meyers opened up in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter and explained how he's handling the transition between the two programs.

"I never really wanted to make an exit plan because nothing out there ever seemed more interesting to me than Saturday Night Live," he shared.

"And because of that, I hadn't done any of the work of falling out of love with the show in the way it's helpful to do before you leave."

And it seems that the 40-year-old comedian is taking the change in stride—and at his own pace.

As of mid-February, Meyers had yet to move any of his belongings into his new Late Night offices located nine floors below the SNL writers room at 30 Rock.

"I'm just sentimental," he admitted. "I'm going to miss it forever, so I might as well put off missing it as long as I can."

Aside from wanting to postpone the inevitable, Meyers confessed that he's not necessarily interested in reinventing the wheel when it comes to the format of the talk show.

"The idea of blowing it up sounds better than it actually is," he told the publication.

Meyers also joked that having any guests at all would be a dream come true.

"I'm on a 12:35 at night—I will literally take anyone."

(E! and NBC are part of the same NBCUniversal family.)

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