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Who's ready for a super fun finale?!

For the past 17 episodes, ABC's freshman comedy, Super Fun Night, has followed the wacky world of Rebel Wilson's small screen alter ego, Kimmie Boubier, and now it's time to say goodbye—with a big musical sendoff!

Tonight's finale, cheekily entitled, "...Till the Fat Lady Sings," will feature the Pitch Perfect star, and her crazy cast, ending the episode with a high-energy performance of Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls." We chatted with Rebel Wilson to get you pumped for all the musical mayhem, plus exclusive scoop on which eligible bachelor Kimmie will end up with.   

When we first met Kimmie, she was the queen of staying at home on Friday nights, and now she's the life of every party. Wilson reveals that she is really happy with the way Kimmie has evolved in such a short amount of time. "I just love the fact that when we started the season, my character was kind of a little baby chicken coming out of the egg and like dipping her toe into the world of dating and having a social life," Wilson said. "And by the season finale she's got two eligible dudes after her which is awesome!"

It's the moment that every girl dreams of: two great men fighting for her affections. So will it be Richard (Kevin Bishop) or James (Nate Torrence)? Wilson teases that Kimmie is going to have a tough decision to make in tonight's half-hour finale. "She's quite inexperienced, especially in this situation and she kind of wrestles around and is forced to choose one of them. And just seeing the drama and dilemma of that go on with Kimmie I think it's really funny."

Super Fun Night

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Once Kimmie makes her boy-toy choice, she, and the rest of our kooky characters, will end the series the same way they started it: by singing, of course! Wilson revealed, "We're doing another Queen song called "Fat Bottom Girls" since we had another Queen song in the opening called, "Don't Stop Me Now.""

So why all the Queen renditions? The actress explained, "I feel like Kimmie and her two best friends are all kind of dorky girls, but to me they are queens which is why I chose all the Queen music. I'm excited because you'll really see their development in the finale from where they were when we first met them."

Can't wait until tonight to see all of the Rebelicious moves? Take a look at the viedo below to see get a sneak peek of all the sexy outfits and sultry moves!

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Wilson says that she is proud of the work that she and her cast have accomplished on the ABC comedy in just one year. "I feel like we've started to really find a great rhythm with the show, especially in the back half of this series." The blonde beauty continued, "The characters are really coming to life and they're really funny, but then you also really feel for them as well in certain situations."

Although ABC has yet to make the decision of this will be the season or series finale for Super Fun Night, fans can vote in our annual Save One Show poll if you'd like to see Rebel rock it out in another season.

Super Fun Night's finale airs tonight at 9:30 p.m. on ABC!

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