A Woman Was Arrested Because She Didn't Return a VHS Copy of Monster-in-Law 9 Years Ago

Kayla Finley of South Carolina spent a night in jail after and faces a charge of "misdemeanor failure to return rented video cassette"

By John Boone Feb 18, 2014 9:26 PMTags
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We have a feeling Monster-in-Law wasn't worth all this.

A South Carolina mother of two was arrested last week after failing to return a VHS copy of the Jennifer Lopez-Jane Fonda rom-com Monster-in-Law that she rented from a local video store nine years ago.

Maid in Manhattan? Might be worth it. The Wedding Planner? Yeah, we'd serve some time for that one. It was cute. But Kayla Finley, 27, spent an evening in Pickens County Jail for Monster-in-Law, which has to feel extra brutal because that movie is on TBS every other day now, so you wouldn't even need to rent it in the first place. 

Full disclosure, we watch it every time we see that it's on. If only for this part:

According to WYFF4, Kayla rented the movie in 2005 from Dalton Videos and was supposed to return it within 72 hours. The Pickens County police chief says, "When Finley didn't return the movie, the business owner went to a Pickens County magistrate who issued an arrest warrant." 

Nearly a decade later, Finley went to the police station to press charges against a stalker (Dalton Videos?) and was informed of the outstanding warrant. She was eventually released on $2,000 bail and now faces a charge of "misdemeanor failure to return rented video cassette."

Dalton Videos, meanwhile, is no longer in business. Possibly because of RedBox and on-demand services like Netflix. Possibly because they have their customers arrested over $6 VHS tapes.

"I didn't rent a movie with the intent of keeping it," Kayla protested on Fox Carolina's Facebook page. "I had to up and move out of state due to my husband's job and honestly forgot all about it."

She continues, "Not once did I ever receive anything regarding this, if I had it would have been taken care of immediately...This is a bogus charge and everyone knows it." Yet the VHS copy of Monster-in-Law (evidence 1A) remains at large.