Cat Curling


OK, to be fair, this is the best Olympic event you're not watching because it doesn't really exist. But the message still stands.

Since curling is only going to be relevant for another, oh, 90 seconds (until the next Winter Olympics), we don't have much time left to talk about the one thing that would take the sport into the stratosphere. Or should we say catosphere? We shouldn't? Fine.

Honestly, if these athletes were pushing fluffy cats along the ice and trying to hit other fluffy cats that are in the circle thing (we don't understand curling that well), then we would be watching this sport 24/7. Thankfully, someone took footage from the 2006 Winter Olympic Women's Curling event and superimposed cats over the stone. Yes, that is purring you hear before the cat is pushed down the ice.

The best part by far, however, is when the cat makes it to the circles.


Yeah, this video is eight years old, but cats never go out of style.

Also, Cat Curling is a real thing. Just ask these folks:

Serious question: Would you watch more curling (or Winter Olympic events in general) if it involved more cats?

(H/T Dailypicksandflicks)

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