Anderson Cooper, Lady Gaga

60 Minutes

Anderson Cooper apparently cannot handle his liquor!

The famous journalist revealed during a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live that he got tipsy during an interview with Lady Gaga.

"I did an interview with Lady Gaga for 60 Minutes, a profile of her," he admitted to Andy Cohen.

"And she insisted that we do the interview at a bar and drink Jameson. I don't drink, so I drank this glass of Jameson, which I had never had before, and I had to stop the interview like midway through because I was drunk. I mean, I had no idea what I was asking her!"

And unfortunately for us, their 2010 interview didn't show any candid moments of Cooper straying from his usual professional (and sober) self.

So are there any other stars that have rattled Cooper's signature cool?

Not so much, he confessed, with the exception of the Queen of Pop.

"[Celebrities are] generally less impressive in real life than you think they're going to be…but like, Madonna is a hard interview because she's been interviewed so many times," he explained.

"You're trying to do stuff that won't bore her and she'll tell you when you're boring her, she'll be like, 'OK, that was a really stupid question.'"


We gotta be honest though, we kind of love that both Madge and Mother Monster have put Cooper in the hot seat in their own special way.

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