Sharleen, The Bachelor

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It was the exit everyone was waiting for since the season premiere.

From the first episode of The Bachelor's 18th season, it was clear that Sharleen, an opera singer who returned from Germany to find true love, wasn't sure she had a real connection with Juan Pablo Galavis. Oblivious to her plight? Juan Pablo.

Alas, Juan Pabs finally took off his rose colored glasses on the Monday, Feb. 17 episode of the reality hit. Actually, it's more accurate to say Sharleen ripped the glasses off of him, finally deciding to tell him how she truly felt. 

Sorry dude, she's just not that into you. 

Least Shocking Moment: The only truly shocking thing about Sharleen eliminating herself? That it took her this many weeks to finally do it; she's doubted her feelings for Juan Pablo since day one. (Then again, free trips are tempting, yo!)

"I just know that he doesn't have what I'm looking for in terms of a forever partner," Sharleen said. Um, duh. Juan Pablo's reaction? He thanked her for being honest, but did shed a tear or two. 

Most Shocking Moment: There's still six ladies in the competition, but Juan Pabs decided to introduce one of the ladies to his four-year-old daughter, Camila: Nikki the nurse! While they were in his hometown of Miami, Juan Pablo took Nikki on a solo date to Camila's dance recital, where she also met his parents and Carla Rodriguez, Camila's mother and JP's ex. Woah, you may want to pump the brakes there!

Eliminated Lady: Oh Chelsie, you adorable blonde, we'll miss you so...even if it wasn't all that surprising that you were the one to pack your bags. We barely saw her interact with the Bach. 

Frontrunners: Of course, Nikki takes that award this episode, considering Juan Pablo introduced her to his daughter. But talk about pressure! We're thinking she, Andi and Clare are the final three, given Juan Pablo's, um, physical chemistry with those two. A season of depth this is not, mmmkay?

Line of the Night: "I was I was a little dumber," Sharleen said of talking to Juan Pablo. Yes, we had to press pause because we were laughing so hard. Yes, we're aware we're horrible. 

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