Orange is the New Black

Jill Greenberg/Netflix

Break out the cuffs, we're heading back to jail!

Cancel all your plans for Friday, June 6 and make sure to restock your pantry with snacks because that's when Orange Is the New Black's highly anticipated second season will be premiering, Netflix confirmed on Saturday. 

Just after House of Cards' second season debuted on Friday, Feb. 14, Netflix sneakily announced OITNB's return date via an ad at the very end of Kevin Spacey's political drama's finale, as first reported by Buzzfeed. Well played, Netflix. Well played!

And as if House of Cards' entire second season and OITNB's season two premiere date weren't already an amazing Valentine's Day gift, Netflix also treated us to the first teaser trailer for Orange Is the New Black's second season. Black is back, baby!

Danielle Brooks, who plays inmate Taystee, is confident fans will love season two, telling E! News, "We're having a blast! I mean, the writing was amazing before and it has gotten even better, I don't know how they made it happen but it's really good. I think that people are going to be so excited about season two."

Returning for season two of Jenji Kohan's smash hit series? Laura Prepon as Alex, Piper's (Taylor Schilling) ex-girlfriend, as Netflix denied reports of her exit, deeming the "inaccurate."

OITNB's 13-episode second season will be available to Netflix subscribers on Friday, June 6.  

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