Fifty Shades of Grey valentine's day


Fifty Shades of Grey doesn't hit theaters until next Valentine's Day and the wait is proving to be torturous—oh my!

On Friday, though, the movie-makers decided to delight Inner Goddesses everywhere with a playful little tease from the Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan helmed flick.

As you can see, the promotional pic shows a nervous-looking Anastasia Steele (Dakota), coming face to face with Christian Grey (Jamie) for what appears to be the first time. The dressed-down brunette is wide-eyed as she holds a folder uncertainly and stands frozen in place before the oh-so-perfectly-pulled-together Christian Grey.

The tease-y shot was posted to Fifty Shades of Grey's Facebook page, along with the message, "See you in a year. Happy Valentine's Day!"

Ah, so sweet. No matter how this Valentine's Day is panning out, it's nice to know we've all got a date Feb. 14, 2015. Until then, though, we've got steamy snaps from the set and plenty of white wine to pass the time.

The lead-up is half the fun, though, isn't it?

(E! and Universal Pictures are both part of the NBCUniversal family.).

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